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The world of gambling has a lot of variety to keep you entertained and online slots are one. They don't differ much from casino slots, except for the fact that you can play them in the privacy of your own home and the obvious: they're an on-screen representation of the real thing, which means they cannot be hurt in any way when frustration kicks in. Not that you'd get away with that at any casino… If you like the crowds and the feeling of excitement all around you, going to Vegas would probably be your best bet, other than that, playing slots online can yield great satisfaction.

Online slots, often referred to as 'simulation' slots or 'sim' slots, are truly the next best thing to Vegas. Even though it's only a simulation, the logic and rules are all based on those of the slot machines at an actual casino. The simulations can vary extensively; while one person goes to the extent of recreating the big, steel case on screen, others will present you with a pleasant, but simple, interface, displaying the bare essentials you need to pay, pull, and observe. Needless to say, the graphics and visual effects are stunning; what a great depiction of sin city. With state of the art software available today, it is easy to recreate the environment that players would find themselves in at a casino. The sound effects are equally as astounding. A player might even get more out of the sounds playing online than they would standing in front of the machine; the sound isn't lost in the midst of thousands others.

There really aren't any advantages or disadvantages to playing slots online compared to casino slots when it comes to becoming a possible winner - the rules are the same and so are your chances of winning. It's just a different experience and it depends on your possibilities and what your preferences are. Playing these giants at a casino can definitely be a more thrilling experience than sitting in front of the computer. Just standing at one of the machines and physically pulling the lever gives a person a completely different sensation, a more powerful one at that. In the case of winning the jackpot, seeing the coins spill out of the machine is undeniably a more emotional experience than hearing the jackpot sounds through your computer speakers, but not actually seeing the money.

But, there are still some people that favour online slots to casino slots, especially when they have their own customized entertainment centre right in their home. The level at which you can enjoy online slots also heavily depends on the system you have at home. The quality of your sound card, video card, speakers and even the size of your screen all have a big impact on your online experience.

Give free online slots a try and judge for yourself!

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