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As with any other gambling game, there are a few do's and dont's when playing slots. It doesn't take a rocket scientist when it comes to understanding slots, but getting to know them is another story. Since there are so many different variations of the slot machine, it's important to take a closer look and make sure you identify the right kind of slot machine you want to play. After reading the following slot machine tips, finding the right one for yourself won't be as difficult of a task.

Tip #1: What & How Much
Before playing a slot machine, always read up on what the minimum number of coins is and what the coin denomination is. This is the first step to familiarizing yourself with what kind of game you're about to play and whether or not the cost of each spin is something you can afford to lose.

Tip #2: Single-Payline Slots
Try to stay away from multi-payline slots. Playing the single payline allows the player to enjoy the game for a longer period of time, without risking too much money at one time. In addition, single-payline machines pay out bigger sums of money, should you happen to get a winning combination, not to mention a significantly larger jackpot. It is also a big challenge to hit the jackpot on one of the multi-payline slots, because the winning combination must be lined up, in order, on a particular payline, be it the top, centre, or bottom. So, playing a three-payline slot, for example, is like playing three single-payline slots, with the chance of hitting the jackpot on only one of them.

Tip #3: Double Jackpots
These can substitute for any other symbol and pay double or triple the payoff. There are a number of these symbols: double, triple diamond, or white, blue, and red sevens. For instance, one of the winning combinations is three bars and the payout for that is $50. If you get 2 bars and the 'double' symbol, you get paid $100; if you get 2 bars and the 'triple diamond' symbol, you get $150. Every slots machine is programmed differently, so what the symbol means on one, doesn't necessarily mean it will be of the same value on the next slot machine you play. Either way, keep on a look-out for these; they can only be to your advantage.

Tip #4: Collect your money!
One of the most important of all slot machine tips that I can give you is to make sure you collect all your money. An attendant always pays out the large jackpots, usually averaging $1,200 or more. If you happen to get one, don't touch the machine or insert more coins. Don't leave the station to get the attendant, because someone else can claim your prize while you're gone. Instead, wait for the attendant to spot the flashing light on top of the machine and complete the transaction for you. Also, before you walk away from the machine, make sure you got all the money you deserve; sometimes, an attendant is needed to pay you the rest of the jackpot on top of what the machine spat out.

Tip #5: Limit Yourself
The "If I play long enough, I can win my money back" way of thinking is quite popular among players, but it does not work. If you have lost the money that you have allotted for playing the slots, it's a good indication you should stop. Many people keep playing way past their limit, with the idea that sooner or later they will get their money back, leading them to lose all kinds of possessions: jewellery, cars, and even homes. Gambling is a dangerous pursuit.

There are plenty more tips I can give you, but it's not hard to figure them out yourself if you put a little thought into it. One of the best slot machine tips is to choose smart and play smart. Follow your gut and don't let yourself be mislead.

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