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Slot machines take up most of the casino floor; they're the quiet play areas, where you won't find a lot of traffic or cheering going on; just regular people doing their regular thing - well, some of them anyway. Slots are the perfect game destination for those who have just had it with all the noise and commotion or those who simply don't like too much interaction and would rather play their own game.

Some people enjoy playing the slot machines mainly due to the fact that there isn't much thought involved: you put the coins in, pull the lever, and wait for the outcome that will hopefully make you a winner. Another advantage, and also a comfort for some, is that they can gamble without anyone else interfering with their chances of winning, be it one of the casino employees or another player. They feel like their fortune lies in their own hands. It's a powerful feeling, all right!

On the other hand, many casino visitors don't think of slot machines as much fun, generally because they're single player games. Some players prefer to be where all the action and excitement takes place, such as craps or blackjack. Being able to place your own bets whenever and wherever they want, gives players the feeling of more freedom, and seems to be a surer way to win than slots. Whichever way you look at it, it comes down to the individual's persona.

There is a large selection of slot machines today. With so many different companies producing them all over the world, the variety keeps growing. From straight slots to progressives to video slots; the choice is yours. Read on about the various types here.

Unlike some might think, slots, unfortunately, aren't made to win. Oftentimes, they are referred to as 'one-armed bandits', and rightfully so; they bring in roughly 40% of all casino profits. Playing the slot machines can be lots of fun, as long as you don't overdo it and remember to give yourself a break. For more guideline on how to play smart, check out the tips page.

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